About our Woods

Our furniture is constructed from some of the finest woods available. We hand-pick each piece to ensure it meets our high standards. Pieces are chosen for their character and colour. Hundreds of different woods are available to choose from, including Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Yew, Mahogany.

We love wood – it adds depth and texture to a room. Its warmer tones will make spaces inviting and it’s an eco-friendly choice too. Wood is naturally beautiful and adds character and warmth. It usually adds value too. Wood is tough. And, because it's a solid product, it will take hard knocks in its stride. As it ages, it develops a patina which is part of its character. Wood is easy to keep clean and free of dustmites and bacteria. It also acts as a natural humidity regulator, absorbing humidity in damp conditions and releasing moisture in dry conditions. Wood is durable. A good quality wood product should, with a little care and maintenance, last a lifetime.

Using wood from sustainably managed forests actually reduces carbon dioxide emissions, as the carbon dioxide stored by the forest and in the timber product outweighs any carbon dioxide created during the production of the product. Each tonne of timber used instead of other building materials (like steel, or brick and concrete block) saves around a tonne of carbon dioxide.

Bespoke Furniture


Figure in wood

The term ‘figure’ refers to charachteristic, special or unusual markings that may be found on the surface of wood, typically on the side-grain surfaces. Interesting figure comprises a combination of colour, grain, luster and texture and can be brought about by various features of that particular wood. Different types of figure may be revealed, depending on how the wood is cut.

Sykes Timber

Sykes Timber Merchants specialise in quality Hardwood and quality Softwood and have one of the most comprehensive ranges of hardwood and softwood stock in the country, all stored under cover at their 10 acre Atherstone site. 

As long established quality hardwood merchants they import only the best hardwood grades from reputable mills, most of whom they have dealt with for many years. They have their own machining mill for planing and moulding and a well equipped log mill for conversion of English hardwood logs. All their timber is put through their own exacting regrading system on arrival, which involves board by board inspection.