About Our Gun Cabinets

By law, firearms and shotguns must be stored securely at all times so as to prevent, as far as is reasonably practicable, access to them by unauthorized persons. The recommended way of doing this is by using a metal cabinet that is manufactured and installed to comply with BS 7558:1992.

However, a gun cabinet has all the aesthetics of a tool box and is therefore unlikely to endear you to your spouse if you bolt one to the living room wall! Additionally, the Police prefer gun cabinets to be concealed. The net result being that your pride and joy and its cabinet end up in the cupboard under the stairs, in the garage where it will be exposed to constant changes in temperature and humidity, which will encourage corrosion.

Ideally, your treasured possession should be conveniently near to hand, giving you easy access whenever you need to use it.

Now you can satisfy all of these conflicting needs with a secure gun cabinet that is also a stylish piece of furniture.

Our cabinets are designed to compliment any room and will not only meet with your spouse's approval but also that of the Police.